Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Ok, so this trip was a while ago, well actually 10 months ago - we went in October 2014 - but hey, better late than never right? 

My lovely Johnny and I thought we deserved a long weekend somewhere lovely in Europe, and Rome immediatley jumped to the top of my list. For years and years I have longed to visit this beautiful city. I have dreamt of indulging in gorgeous Italian pizza and red wine, roaming the Vatican and exploring the Colloseum for long as I can remember. 

You might already know, but I am an avid reader and adore Dan Brown's Angels and Demons - and it was a surreal experience to walk the same streets as one of my favourite fictional characters! 

We ate gelato, drank prosecco and had one the of best pizzas of my life down a lottle cobbled side street. We explored the Trevvi Fountain - and returned back to the hotel only to find my purse missing! Luckily (or as lucky as you can be when you get mugged!) the thieving weasel discarded my luminous pink purse once he had my cash and a kind hearted waiter came across it and called our hotel, thanks to the business card I had grabbed from reception. Although we had cancelled my cards it was still nice to collect my purse and retrieve my driving license! 

The Colloseum was enormous and just bursting with history - it's hard to believe it is simply that old! We also enjoyed beautiful hot sunny weather during Our whole stay in Rome! 

We explored the vatican fresh from the plane, and although tired it was everthing I imagined it to be; we even think we spotted the Pope from afar! John and I then dined al fresco straight outside the Vatican and enjoyed a cold Peroni! 

On our final evening in Rome we spent hours wandering around the exterior of the Vatican (I adore the place, and it is beautiful by night!) and made our way down all the little streets using a huge paper map we picked up until we came to the Pantheon and had dinner directly opposite - what a view! 

I enjoyed every second spent in this beautiful city and hope that I can return again with John soon! 

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