Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween lovelies! It's monday morning, its cold and dark outside and I've woken up with an awful headache, not the best start to the day.

I'm not good up doing up- close photos, nor do i feel that comfortablw with it, so I'm not going to put a 'face of the day' pic up hower i will share the make up that i'm wearing today, and usually wear to work most days. It's a whole different story at the weekend! :-)

So, today i'm not wearing any foundation (!!) as i thought i'd let my skin breathe. I've covered up unsightly areas with Soap and Glory kick ass concealer, I'm wearing Maxfactor xperience volumising mascara and a sweep of Benefit coralista blusher along with Benefit jing a ling lipstick. I'm a massive fan of Benefit blushers and won't use anything else now, I can't reccommend them highly enough!

As i generally only see about 4 people on average (sometimes even less) at work, I don't really feel it's that important to wear a full face of make up, but i always like myself to look neat and presentable hehe!

Today i am wearing Emu boots, River Island leggings, h & m top and black skirt and a Dorothy Perkins cardie.

Have a great day!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

My Amazon Kindle

I love to read. I've always read 'grown up' books, infact I don't even remember reading childrens books at all apart from a select few including Harry Potter; which I still love even as a twenty-something.

*Harry Potter Memory*
Joining the queue at midnight at Asda in Brighton waiting for the last Harry Potter book to be released. I didn't sleep until I had read the whole thing, it took me around 36 hours from what I remember.

For me theres nothing better than curling up with a blanket, a massive cup of tea and a good murder mystery/crime book. My favourite authors of all time are Val Mcdermid (the genius behind The Wire In The Blood), James Patterson, Dan Brown, Sue Grafton, Ben Elton, Peter James and I'm sure as my library grows I'll find more great authors that will captivate my ever expanding imagination.

I wasn't really fully aware of the e-book until the beginning of this year and was rather sceptical about the whole thing. I am admittedly a creature of habit and hate anything new, or anything that changes my routine, but I knew I had to embrace the e-book immediatly! It is sad to loose the feeling of having a well loved book, with pages falling out, and that fantastic musty book smell, but I cannot recommend the Kindle Highly enough and it's one of the best e-readers out there as far as I know.

What great features does the Kindle have? An advanced e-ink display screen, that delivers words and images clearly without the 'pixely' appearance and you can read outside without the awful glare - I took mine on holiday and it perfomed fantastically outside in the bright sunshine. The Kindle can hold roughly up to 3,500 books with around 750,000 books available to download from Amazon including bestsellers and new releases. UK and international newspapers, magazines, and blogs, plus lots of these books are also FREE! (and they put the paid-for books on sale regulary!) The battery life lasts up to two months, as long as you're aren't logged into the wifi or 3g and you can download and read books anywhere from this thin, lightweight, portable gadget, and lets face it - I need all the space in my handbag that I can get!
I've made mine a little more 'me'

Friday, 28 October 2011

What I Wore Tonight

Friday night, staff night out with tapas. Boo for me then, avoiding alcohol after being dosed up on massively strong doctor prescribed painkilling anti-inflammatories for my back pain. I drove, and still had a lovely time even though i only stayed for dinner and not the drinks after.

My outfit: Lipsy Dress, H&M thick warm tights, Monsoon ballet pumps (not pictured) Pauls Boutique black patent clutch bag and glittery star studded earring from River Island.

Friday, Friday

There's nothing like a Costa Coffee to cheer you up on a Friday morning.

Have a good one x

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Minx Nail Wraps

Ok so here goes, my first review. I'm actually multi tasking and attempting to watch Hollyoaks too. I've recently had a little obsession with all things nail based from varnish to glitter, cheap nail wraps and even trying my hand at nail art. There's nothing like an in-salon finish, however i'm on a bit of a budget and like to try things myself.

Although there are many cheaper nail wraps out there Minx does have the best reputation and many salons charge around £30 to apply them.

(for those that have never heard of nail wraps or Minx - they are basically very think vinyl like heat applied strips that contain intricate patterns that cannot be achieved through nail art alone, and have a reputation for being much more durable and longer lasting than nail varnish)

I found these beauties on ebay, and literally took 20 minuted to trim to size and apply with the heat of the hairdryer to my own nails. I'm very heavy handed and these lasted around a week for me before they started to lift at the edge. Very impressive as usually nail varnish only lasts a day or two on me without chipping. :-)