Thursday, 27 October 2011

Minx Nail Wraps

Ok so here goes, my first review. I'm actually multi tasking and attempting to watch Hollyoaks too. I've recently had a little obsession with all things nail based from varnish to glitter, cheap nail wraps and even trying my hand at nail art. There's nothing like an in-salon finish, however i'm on a bit of a budget and like to try things myself.

Although there are many cheaper nail wraps out there Minx does have the best reputation and many salons charge around £30 to apply them.

(for those that have never heard of nail wraps or Minx - they are basically very think vinyl like heat applied strips that contain intricate patterns that cannot be achieved through nail art alone, and have a reputation for being much more durable and longer lasting than nail varnish)

I found these beauties on ebay, and literally took 20 minuted to trim to size and apply with the heat of the hairdryer to my own nails. I'm very heavy handed and these lasted around a week for me before they started to lift at the edge. Very impressive as usually nail varnish only lasts a day or two on me without chipping. :-)

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