Sunday, 4 December 2011

Hi My Name's Charlie and I'm an Internet Shopping Addict

Hi my name's Charlie and I'm an internet shopping addict. No seriously, I actually am. I can't help it, I just browse the internet and see too many pretty things that have to be mine. I don't splurge my hard earned cash on really expensive items, just lots of reasonably priced things. (is that worse?!) Mostly clothes and make up. I really should be saving for my future, but hey ho you can't take it to the grave with you, can you?

£ £ £ £ £ £

Some of my recent purchases include

The Naked Palette - Image in post below

Curling Tongs - I have naturally curly hair, I don't even need to use curling tongs!

The book 'It' by Stephen King - It cured my boredom right (and scared the crap out of me too!)

This gorgeous glitzy dress from Asos - In case I get invited to any Christmas Parties

This glam dress from H & M - to wear to my friends wedding in a couple of weeks

Some earrings to match the gold dress


A top that was on sale - I don't even think I like it.

I kid you not, this is just this weeks shopping. I have issues.



  1. Oooooh some wise investments! My weaknesses are eBay and topshop. And Amazon. And iTunes... xx

  2. I love amazon too! Got an amazing coat from topshop a few wks ago. You have good taste in online stores!! Xx

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  4. I'm the same, I bought the H&M dress in the purple version, I had this one week where the delivery guy in our area actually said "shall I wait until the end of the week and deliver everything in one go for you, saves me coming back everyday" the shame!! xx

  5. oh my! That is embarrassing! I had a similar experience, used to get all my parcels delivered to work and they kept going to the wrong department, this poor guy was taking in about three parcels a day for me haha

    The gold dress hasn't arrived yet, hope it's a nice as it is on screen! xx


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