Saturday, 24 December 2011

Jessica's Geleration Manicure

Hey lovlies - It's been a while. I have been a very very busy girl, but all the while I've been thinking of fab blog posts to do!

My lovely friend and I decided that we needed to treat ourselves before Christmas so we visited a gorgeous salon and opted for the Jessica Geleration Manicure. I'm such a fan of Jessica products I knew that this would be perfect  for me! Retailing at £40 this treatment involves the cleansing and moisturising of the hands, shaping the nails and cuticle care and the application of a long lasting gel nail polish, with each coat cured by a uv light.

I don't know about you, but my nails never seem to stay looking good for more than about two days before my varnish starts to chip so I thought this would be right up my street - who wants to keep re-applying polish to their nails at christmas?!

I chose a classic red colour :-) The lovely beautician started by applying a base coat, then popped my hands under the uv light for 30 seconds. This was followed by three coats of colour, each coat again was cured with the light then finally a top coat to seal it all in, this time the nails were popped under the light for 1 minute. I can't describe how glossy the colour is - my hands look amazing!

It's currently been two days since the gel polish has been applied and my nails are looking tip top and so shiny! This polish is supposed to last for around two weeks, so I shall report back and let you know! I don't really think the picture below do it justice - I'm not the most skilled girl at photography! :-)


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