Friday, 9 December 2011

Taming the CURLS!

Hey Guys :-) So not may people know this, but I have very curly frizzy thick hair. It's like my little secret. I battle daily against the curls to strive for smooth, sleek, glossy straight locks. I discovered ghd's as soon as I hit my early teens. Before that it was the crimpers with the dodgy metal plates that used to fry your hair, or the pulled back pony tail with lots of gel - eurgh!!

Since then, I've straightened my hair pretty much every day, I'm guessing roughly around 10 years. Combined with bleaching it every other month how I still have any hair left is anyones guess!!

I have tried every product going in order to achieve gorgeous Shakira/Beyonce -esque curls, but nothing works. At all. The only thing that can give me remotely decent looking curls is applying copies amounts of Moroccan Oil and then going to bed with my hair still wet. Come anywhere near it with a hairdryer and you might as well have plugged me into the mains for all the good it will do.

Shameful pic coming up.... This is my barnet au natural for all to see

This is just on a good day! (and still a bit damp)

I've gotten it down to a fine art and can straighten it in about 10-15 minutes...

Straight and shiny :-) and it makes a massive difference to the colour too!

Obviously I avoid the rain and damp weather like I'm the wicked witch of the west, and it's a bit annoying to have such high maintenance hair, but this is me and regardless of whether I like it or not, I have to deal with it! 

I hope one day I learn to embrace my curls and wear them confidently but I just don't see it happening anytime soon.

How far do you go for your hair? Do you prefer curly or straight hair?



  1. Wow! Isn't it weird how most people have insecurities about their own hair, yet others think that its gorge? I think your natural hair is lush! - I do love your hair straightened too! I wish mine would actually do something. (I mean be curly OR straight.) At the moment, naturally its kind of a mix of both. I either end up straightening it. (Thank god for GHD's.) Or curling it. Thanks for sharing! :-)))

  2. Thank you :-) It is strange isn't it - I would kill for naturally straight hair but one of my friends who does have straight hair really wants a loose perm! xx


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