Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Cheryl Cole for Loreal Lipstick

Hello Beauties! Whilst aimlessly wandering around Boots expecting products to jump out at me (as you do!) I came across this little creation by Cheryl Cole for Loreal Paris, reasonably priced at £8.16 (this will probably vary from shop to shop though I think) with £1 from each sale going towards The Princes Trust Foundation. Obviously as this was a lipstick for charity I had to buy it :)

This is a classic glossy red, although it appears lighter on the lips then it does in the tube and think it will flatter most skin tones. Tiny weeny glitter particles are imbedded into the lipstick too - adding to the superstar look! As an added extra it also appears to have great staying power!

(ignore the tired old eyes and look at the lips :-S )

Now I'm not really a bright lipstick girl, I just can't pull off bold colour on my lips - I tend to opt for smokey eyes and a slick of a light gloss. It takes confidence to wear red on the lips, and I just feel it isn't me. In terms of a quality and colour though, I can't fault it! This won't be an everyday essential for me, but it will definitely make an appearance on nights out <3


  1. I disagree, you can totally pull off a bold lip colour, this looks great on you! I keep seeing reviews of this lippy and I am so tempted, but likee you said red is a scary colour for lips!

    Phoebe x

    inbeautyland blog

    1. Thank you :-) It is growing on me actually, every time I wear it I like it more and more. I think you should go for it - It's one of those shades that suits everyone! xx


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