Sunday, 29 January 2012

My Week In Pictures

Hello all! I hope you had a lovely weekend! (not that it's over just yet) I'm on a bit of a spending ban at the moment as I have lots of products that need using up and can't really afford to waste them so I thought I'd fill you in on my week...

I'm finally better (fingers crossed) after nearly a month of being ill. Needless to say I haven't really been that active apart from online shopping and hauling my sickly self to work each day. I've gotten back in a gym routine after nearly two months off, and oh my god I ache everywhere!! I know that it's good for me though. I've had a few trips to the cinema as I have a cineworld card, I try and go at least once a week. My friend Leanne and I finally got our free chicken with our loyalty card at Nando's - and it tastes so much better when it's free! I went shopping with my mum and didn't buy a single thing which really is a first for me! My friend Josies nan also knitted me a beautiful blue blanket, which I adore - it's gorgeous and so warm! And in other news my obession with make up and beauty products continues to grow.

Not a very productive week, but some things never change!

Ooh in other news, if you're looking for a book to read I highly recommend the Hunger Games set, I can't put them down!!


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